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Whiskey Shots: A Review of J.T. Meleck Louisiana Rice Whiskey

🥃96 proof

🥃Aged 4 Years

🥃Bottle purchased at the distillery by a friend

🥃Tasted using my Bourbon Real Talk Tasting Glass (trust me, it’s even better than a Glen!)

The J.T. Meleck Distillery is a family-owned business that started in 1896 when John Meleck began growing rice on 20 acres of marshland in southern Louisiana. Despite the odds, the J.T. Meleck name became synonymous with Louisiana rice. Five generations later, the family continues to grow rice and crawfish on the same land. Inspired by their great, great uncle John, the family decided to create a spirit from their rice, resulting in a unique American Rice spirit. The distillery takes pride in overseeing the entire process, from growing the rice to bottling the final product. The J.T. Meleck Distillery has successfully created a new Louisiana classic that goes straight from their farm to the consumer's front porch.

So let's see what J.T. Meleck Louisiana Rice Whiskey has to offer:


The whiskey presents a beautiful amber color with nice legs that hug the inside of the glass.


The nose gives off a combination of sweet cherry and caramel, followed by a surprisingly creamy butter aroma.


Upon tasting, the mouthfeel is soft and buttery, providing a pleasant sensation. The initial flavors consist of dark cherry at the forefront, with a subtle presence of caramel and brown sugar in the background. Additionally, there is a hint of the rice from which this whiskey is distilled, adding a distinct element to the overall profile. A touch of dark chocolate can also be detected, further enhancing the complexity of flavors.


The finish is notably long-lasting, with lingering notes of black pepper and a subtle touch of nutmeg. This adds a warm and comforting element to the overall experience.


Overall, J.T. Meleck Louisiana Rice Whiskey is a unique and enjoyable spirit. Its smoothness and balanced flavors make it highly drinkable. After trying this expression, I am now intrigued by their cask strength offering and look forward to seeking it out.

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