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Whiskey Shots: A Review of Gentle Ben Straight Bourbon Whiskey

🥃94 proof

🥃Distilled in Indiana and aged at least 2 years, then brought to Texas to be further processed using the method described below and undergo further, undisclosed aging. Produced & Bottled by Persedo Spirits in Alvin, Texas

🥃Made from a high rye mash bill

🥃Bottle procured for $41 from the local Total Wine & More

🥃Tasted using a Glencairn Whiskey Tasting Glass

From the website:

"At Gentle Ben, we start with timeless, traditional distilling methods, and enhance them with a revolutionary technology to create the cleanest, smoothest spirits you’ll ever taste.

Congeners are naturally-occurring elements in bourbon that affect its flavor and character. Certain congeners are responsible for the familiar burn that can prevent you from enjoying the richness, warmth, and depth. Our innovative method removes these elements and the harshness they bring, allowing us to proudly offer you the gentlest, most enjoyable bourbon available."

I recently had the opportunity to try Gentle Ben Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Although I was intrigued by the slogan "Three parts craft, One part Science", I must say the bourbon left me with mixed feelings.



I detected subtle hints of orange, vanilla, caramel, and a touch of black pepper and mint. However, these notes were quite elusive, and I had to put in some effort to truly appreciate them. The overall nose of the whiskey is soft, almost delicate.



The whiskey showcased a prominent orange flavor, which was enjoyable. As advertised, the alcohol burn was low, allowing the other flavors to come through. Towards the back end, I detected a pleasant shift towards candied pecans, adding a touch of sweetness. The palate, much like the nose, remained soft and gentle, but almost too much so.


 The finish was short and dry, with a nutty character that was complemented by subtle oak and black pepper notes. While it was a satisfactory way to conclude each sip, it didn't leave a lasting impression.


Overall, I believe Gentle Ben Straight Bourbon Whiskey achieves what it sets out to be - smooth and drinkable. However, it lacks that special something that would make me come back for more. It's been suggested that this whiskey works well in cocktails, so I plan to put it to the test by making a whiskey sour. Perhaps that will bring out some hidden qualities.


For now, I would rate Gentle Ben Straight Bourbon Whiskey 2.5 stars out of 5. While it doesn't disappoint, it doesn't offer anything particularly memorable either.

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