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Whiskey Shots: A Review of Preemption Reverence Small Batch Cask Strength Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey

🥃114.2 proof

🥃Distilled & aged 41 months in Lowry Crossing, TX.

🥃Mash Bill: Yellow Corn/Elbon Rye/Malted Barley. 100% Texas grains.

🥃750 ml bottle procured for $79 from the local Total Wine & More

🥃Tasted using a Bourbon Real Talk High-Proof Whiskey Tasting Glass

Located in Lowry Crossing, Texas, the 1845 Distilling Company is a distillery founded by Bob and June Pettit. Their passion for creating exceptional spirits is evident in their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients. Named after the year 1845, a time of innovation and craftsmanship, the distillery offers a range of high-quality spirits, including vodka, gin, and whiskey. Each spirit is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to tradition.

Not only does the 1845 Distilling Company prioritize quality, but they also value sustainability. They take steps to minimize their environmental impact, showcasing their commitment to the future. Visitors are invited to their tasting room, where they can sample the distillery's products and learn about the art of distillation. The 1845 Distilling Company prides itself on its spirits' quality and craftsmanship while embracing modern techniques and sustainability.

Today, I will be reviewing their Preemption Reverence Small Batch Cask Strength Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey.


The nose of this bourbon is captivating, with a blend of cherry, caramel, oak, and rye spice. The prominent cherry notes provide a touch of fruity sweetness that is balanced by the rich scent of the caramel. The oak presence adds depth and complexity to the aroma, while the subtle rye spice lingers in the background. Overall, the nose sets the stage for what's to come and is extremely inviting.


Upon taking the first sip, the oily mouthfeel of this bourbon immediately captures attention. It coats the palate with a luxurious texture, enhancing the overall drinking experience. The flavor profile is dominated by a delightful salted caramel "bomb", which delivers a pleasing balance of sweetness and saltiness. The cinnamon notes add a warm and comforting element, further enhancing the complexity. The cherry sweetness contributes to the overall fruity character of the whiskey, while orange undertones slowly emerge, providing a subtle yet refreshing citrusy twist. Additionally, hints of peanut shells offer a unique and interesting flavor element. Together, these flavors create a well-rounded and enjoyable palate.


The finish is characterized by a long, dry oakiness. The oak presence intensifies, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. The cinnamon notes persist, adding a touch of warmth. There is also a lingering citrus essence that balances out the dryness of the oak, providing a refreshing element. The finish is satisfying and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.


Overall, the 1845 Distilling Co. Preemption Reverence Small Batch Cask Strength Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a well-crafted bourbon that showcases a harmonious combination of flavors, showcasing its aging in the Texas sun. The nose is enticing, the palate offers a delightful array of tastes, and the finish leaves a memorable impression. With a rating of 4.2 out of 5, this bourbon is definitely worth exploring for whiskey enthusiasts seeking a balanced and enjoyable drinking experience from a cask strength bourbon. Cheers! 🥃

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