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Whiskey Shots: A Review of Pinhook Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Cask Strength 2024 Release

The term "pinhooking" has long been associated with the horse racing world, signifying the practice of buying young horses with the goal of training and selling them for a profit. This investment strategy relies on the expertise of choosing promising horses and improving their value through training.

Pinhook Bourbon has creatively borrowed this term to describe their unique approach to crafting bourbon. Similar to the world of horse pinhooking, Pinhook focuses on handpicking and blending barrels of bourbon that exhibit potential for exceptional quality and distinct character. Each year, they unveil a new vintage, mirroring the presentation of select horses at auctions. These vintages are named after thoroughbreds, drawing a clear connection between the meticulous selection process in both realms.

Pinhook Bourbon prides itself on its dedication to craftsmanship and the ever-evolving nature of its spirits, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and excellence. By naming their bourbons after horses and following an annual release schedule, they pay homage to the heritage and thrill of both bourbon making and horse racing.


Recently, I came across my first bottle of Pinhook and could not resist buying it. I’m glad I did, because I don’t think it will be staying on the shelves for long! Let’s dive in.

Pinhook Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Cask Strength 2024 Release

🥃118.2 proof

🥃Mashbill: 75% Corn 10% Rye 15% Malted Barley

🥃Aged more than 5 Years

🥃750 ml bottle purchased for $46.99

🥃Tasted using Bourbon Real Talk High-Proof Whiskey Tasting Glass

🐎 Thouroghbred: Bourbon Breeze


From the moment I brought the glass to my nose, I was greeted by a captivating bouquet of sweet molasses, rich caramel, and a touch of refreshing mint. The combination of these aromas was simply intoxicating, drawing me in and heightening my anticipation for what was to come.


As I took my first sip, the palate was immediately awash with flavors that delighted and surprised me. The initial burst of burnt sugar danced on my tongue, followed by the delightful sensation of biting into caramel-covered peanuts. The interplay of these two flavors was a harmonious symphony of sweet indulgence. And just when I thought the experience couldn't get any better, a subtle transition occurred, gently leading me towards the refreshing embrace of mint. The way the flavors seamlessly shifted and evolved on the palate was truly a testament to the craftsmanship behind this bourbon.


The finish of Pinhook 5 Year Cask Strength Bourbon was nothing short of remarkable. It lingered on my palate, refusing to be forgotten. The mint and peanuts intertwined, creating a lasting sensation that kept me coming back for more. The length of the finish was impressive, allowing me to savor the flavors for an extended period of time.

Overall, my experience with Pinhook 5 Year Cask Strength Bourbon was undeniably favorable. What impressed me even more was the price point, which made this exceptional bourbon even more accessible. For its outstanding balance of flavors, complexity, and the lingering enjoyment it provided, I would confidently rate this bourbon 4.3 out of 5 stars. It is a bottle that delivers on its promises and offers a truly rewarding sipping experience.


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6 days ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have a Pinhook bottle but haven't opened it yet. May have to now after reading this review!

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